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Chernigov Leonid – PhD in Engineering Sciences, Chief Executive Officer of Rakurs-Engineering Ltd.

Leonid Chernigov was born on May, 25th in 1957. In 1980 he graduated the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute of V.I.Ulyanov (Lenin), where his major was The electric drive and automation of plants. Since then all his life is inseparably linked to automation of technological processes.

As a young specialist he came to automation department of control systems building-design division of Kirovskiy Zavod. In 1983 he became the leading engineer, and since 1986 the Chief of software control systems design division of Kirovskiy Zavod.

In 1991 against the general economic recession and a stop of shop floors of factory Leonid Chernigov created research-and-production company Rakurs with group of adherents, taking for a basis idea of the association of the domestic engineering and the advanced foreign element base.

"Our positions in application of microprocessor techniques, means of automation system engineering were strong enough and were held in esteem of colleagues from other domestic enterprises, — Leonid Chernigov says. — We have never been locked within the bounds of the factory, we carried out a number of orders and our elaborations were widely known due to our active participation in various seminars, conferences, and also publications in the specialized literature".

As the purposeful and competent leader, Leonid Chernigov has united in SPC Rakurs experts possessing unique knowledge and experience in area of industrial automation, capable to solve multiple challenges.

In 2000 Leonid Chernigov got his Management of marketing degree and in 2005 successfully got his MBA both in the St.Petersburg State University.

Leonid Chernigov is married, has two children, both working in the family company. 

His hobbies are skiing, sports and music. He is an experienced traveler, always interested in discovering new places.