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Reference list

Components distribution department of SPC "Rakurs" supplies components of automation of such companies as Omron, Schneider Electric, Sick, Siemens, Yaskawa.

You can find the detailed information on components and engineering specifications on a specialized site of distribution department www.rakurs.su.

Omron Corporations is a group of the companies specializing in many spheres of activity: industrial automation systems, electronic components, road information systems, bank technologies, medical equipment, cash registers, computer equipment, recognition systems and many other things. Omron head office and centre of researches and developments are located in Kyoto. The basic automation division of Omron is situated in Tokyo.

Omron components catalog on the specialized site (www.rakurs.su)

The international company Schneider Electric (established in 1836) is the world leader in producing of the low voltage electrical equipment and automation products. Production of the company is the widest range of electric equipment and services with world famous marks Merlin Gerin, Telemecanique and Square D for four segments of the market: building, infrastructure, industry, electric power industry.

Schneider Electric components catalog on the specialized site (www.rakurs.su)

Working in manufacture automation and logistics automation segments SICK AG is one of world leaders in producing of technical sensors, safety systems and autoidentification devices. In particular SICK is the largest producers of optical sensors in Europe.

Sick components catalog on the specialized site (www.rakurs.su)

Siemens is the largest corporation with the world name which developments are applied in the most various branches of the industry. During 150 years Siemens has made the powerful contribution to development of auto industry, shipbuilding and submarines producing, aircraft construction and medical devices and equipment producing, computers and a communication facility. Besides this one of the major directions of activity of the company became "Industrial automation" and "Drives technologies".

Siemens components catalog on the specialized site (www.rakurs.su)

Products and technologies of Yaskawa Electric company are characterized by high quality from the very beginning of its establishment. Yaskawa always occupies in the lead position in engines application, industrial automation development, creation of Mechatronics and hi-tech robots.

Yaskawa components catalog on the specialized site (www.rakurs.su)

Electric drive department of SPC "Rakurs" supplies drive equipment of such companies as Danfoss, Control Techniques.

Danfoss — one of the largest industrial concerns in Denmark. Danfoss Group is the global leader in development, production, sales and service of mechanical and electronic components for industry.

Control Techniques Company, the world leader in producing of drives with adjustable speed, has started to produce the most compact alternate current drives of high capacity. It became possible because of full redesign of a traditional design of the big drives. As the result there appeared series of smaller standard sizes with additional user advantages, not last of which are the competitive price and very high efficiency.

Delivery of spares: Boards (control, power, communication), Power modules (IGBT, diodes, semiconductor switches etc.), Resistors, Powerful condensers, Fans, Switches, Contactors, Safety locks, terminal-blocks and frames elements.

You can get more detailed information and engineering specifications on components on specialized sites of SPC "Rakurs"


  • wide assortment of components and the equipment for automation from a warehouse in St.-Petersburg;
  • help with the choice of necessary equipment for the decision of specific tasks;
  • full information and technical support to users for the delivered equipment;
  • consultations on operation of components and equipment;
  • guarantee and post guarantee service;
  • flexible system of discounts defined by volume or seriality of orders, and also flexible payment system;
  • equipment supply across Russia by means of express services.

Contacts of theComponents Distribution Department:

Phones: 8 (812) 252-48-83, 8 (812) 252-39-80

e-mail: sales@rakurs.com.

Specialized site of the Components Distribution Department of SPC “Rakurs” - www.rakurs.su.

Contacts of theDrive Department :

Phones: 8 (812) 702-47-50

e-mail: dep@rakurs.com.

Specialized site of theDrive Department of SPC Rakurs - www.inverter.ru.