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Electric Drive Department

The department was established in 2002, when companies SPC "Rakurs" and "Omron Europe B.V." made the decision on the first service centre for drives creation in territory of the Russian Federation. Since then SPC "Rakurs" has concluded similar contracts with companies Yaskawa Engineering Europe – 2003, Danfoss 2004, Control Techniques 2004, Schneider Electric 2005 and Siemens 2007.

Since 2006 for the purpose of offered services list enhancement Service centre of SPC "Rakurs" began to develop and to introduce the systems of the complete frequency-regulated electric drives. In 2008 the Drive Department was formed which has included the Service centre and complete electric drive Department.

During all this time Drive Department has made more than thousand repairs of drives of the various companies and as some tens of projects on the basis of drive have been realized.

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