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Drive Department

Service of drive technics of Omron and Yaskawa (Japan), Control Techniques (England) and Danfoss (Denmark), Schneider Electric (France) and Siemens (Germany)

The Drive Department of SPC "Rakurs" was created in 2002; it specializes on drive technics servicing. More than 200 companies became our clients and some tens of long-term service contracts were concluded. Our Service Centre works all over Russian territory.

For today we represent service under guarantee certificates for the following companies: Omron and Yaskawa (Japan), Control Techniques (England) and Danfoss (Denmark), Schneider Electric (France) and Siemens (Germany).

Possessing a big local spare parts warehouse the equipment repair in our Department is made as a rule within 1-2 days. Diagnostics of the equipment malfunction is made free of charge.

Service Centre for drive technics of companies "Omron-Yaskawa", "Control Techniques", "Danfoss", "Schneider Electric" and "Siemens":

  • Guarantee and postguarantee equipment repair
  • Conclusion of the long-term agreements on complex service of the equipment
  • Spare parts and equipment delivery for replacement
  • Guarantee period increase for new equipment
  • Diagnostics and examination
  • Consultation services
  • Preferential replacement of the out-of-date equipment
  • Timely replacement of the parts having limited life duration (condensers, fans etc.)
  • Consultations on optimization of a service warehouse of the client
  • Experts emergency attendance
  • Reserve copying of instrument settings
  • Training and technical seminars

Drive Department has:

  • Qualified personnel
  • Full support from the companies-manufacturers of the served equipment
  • Bench and control equipment
  • Big local warehouse of spare parts for services in the shortest terms
  • Wide experience of services in drive technics service sphere

Additional information:

Drive Department makes postguaranteeservice and repair of equipment OMRON (power supplies, analogue and discrete input/output modules of controllers etc.)

Drive Department is ready to consider offers on the conclusion of agreement on guarantee service with other drive technics companies-manufacturers.

Site of Drive Department -www.inverter.ru