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Working with customers SPC "Rakurs" is always guided by cooperation with partners that allows to offer customers the most favourable and appropriate to their requirements decisions and services. Our partnership is always focused on positive result of each stage of our teamwork which becomes real advantage for business of the customer.



Our purpose is to provide success of SPC "Rakurs" by means of the chosen partners and to provide success of partners in our joint business.


SPC "Rakurs" works with following types of partners:

Principal partners

The companies which together with SPC "Rakurs" do serious investments into development of mutually beneficial collaboration on the basis of cooperation and rational division of labour in the field of development, production and introduction of modern means and automation systems.


Control systems partners:



(PGL and IA&DT departments)



Components distribution partners:





(IA&DT department)



Drive Department partners:








Training centre partners: The St.-Petersburg State Electro Technical University


Business partners

The companies which supplement production and services of SPC "Rakurs" paying attention to interests of SPC "Rakurs" in concrete regions.


Ural-automation is the official representative of SPC "Rakurs"in the Ural region

"Ural-automation" was established in 1999 for control systems by “Rakurs” promotion on Ural market, and also for guarantee and postguaranteeservice. The second business area of "Ural-automation" is promotion of electronic and electrotechnical production of OMRON corporation.

For today there are following customers of "Ural-automation" in Ural:

  • "AZS-LUKOIL-Perm"
  • "Perm confectionery factory"
  • Perm cold storage facility "Sozvezdiye"
  • Serial Partners (dry breakfasts)
  • "Permtransgaz"
  • "Trest-14"
  • "ZhBK-7"


614045, Russia, Perm, Gazeta Zvezda str., 35, office 50
Phone number: 8 (342) 298-46-53; e-mail: ural-avt@mail.ru



"RDC" (regional dealer centre) was established in 1998.

The centre is focused on promotion of automation components and control systems at the enterprises of Severo-Kavkazky region.

Cooperating with company "Rakurs" more than five years company "RDC" places the cardinal emphasis on introduction of reliable element base of control systems. Mainly “RDC” introducts a wide spectrum of OMRON automation components: drive technics, controllers, gauges, switching equipment. There are actively conducted works on promotion of control systems made by SPC "Rakurs" in the region.

There are many large enterprises of dynamically developing markets of the North Caucasus among customers of the centre.


355049, Russia, Stavropol, Oktyabrskaya str., 184 "а", office 16
Phone number: (8652) 39-11-89, 93-80-70; Fax: (8652) 39-11-89
E-mail: rdcstavropol@rambler.ru



Services and production suppliers who do not conduct joint activity on sales or marketing with SPC "Rakurs".