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About a hydroacoustic resonance and the reasons of a pressure pulsation in water passages of Sajano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station (2010)

Why this article is written?
Failure of the unit №2 of Sajano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station which have led to a final fracture of a machine hall of station and the big human victims, has occurred, as it is established by the certificate of investigation of its reasons commission of "Rostehnadzor", owing to rupture of hairpins of fastening of a cover of the turbine to the case. As has shown   postfault studying of character of destruction, it has been caused by considerable reduction of section of hairpins because of occurrence of fatigue cracks. It is not excluded that fatigue pressure have resulted not only in destruction, but also to adverse changes of structure and strength characteristics of metal of hairpins. The unit has been doomed.

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St.-Petersburg is "encouraged" by new capacity

In June on the Vyborg heating and power plant which is a part of "TGK-1", in St.-Petersburg the new turbine unit of capacity 123 MW is placed in operation.

"Power and industry of Russia", № 12 (128), June 2009

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