Rakurs-Engineering Laboratory of the special measuring facility production
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Rakurs-Engineering Laboratory of the special measuring facility production

Rakurs-Engineering Laboratory of the special measuring facility is responsible for design and production of the special measuring facility: 

  • Instruments. Digital measuring signal converters: resistance thermal converters, thermal converters, direct current sensors, frequency meters, interface converters, measuring indicators, power supplies and other supporting instruments. 

  • all-in-one solution. Multifunctional systems of data collection for self administration and as part of the technical control and diagnostics operating system. 

  • instruments and sensors production by external orders. 


The Company is occupied with the development and manufacture of non-standard special measurement instruments and is an OEM supplier of components for such enterprises as Electrosila and Elsib.

Unique instruments for turbine generators monitoring:

  • End turns and stator winding feeders vibration control;
  • Generator phase-to-phase insulation moisture control;

  • Rotor inter-winding fault control;

  • Rotor insulation resistance control.

Special measuring tools:

  • Head transmitters of signals coming from resistance thermometers, thermowells, analogue I/O, interface converters, frequency meters, indicators, power sources, etc.;
  • Universal frequency meter (FMD-RS422);

  • Data acquisition complex (KSD);

  • Equipment for electric signals output from turbogenerator casing.

The variety of the measuring tools manufactured comprises about 100 items.

Frequency measurement device MIDAS FMD2>>

You may order the instruments and get the additional information about Rakurs production sending the request to e-mail sc@rakurs.com