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Control systems


Base of reliable operation of turbo- and hydro generators and auxiliary systems is their uninterrupted field inspection. But control facilities of previous generation can’t provide obtaining and accumulation of full and reliable information during continuous maintenance period which is necessary for equipment condition diagnostics.
Today capabilities of up-to-dated technical facilities and skilful concept of control facilities designing allow increasing a period of their useful effect, put off a moment of equipment obsolescence due to possibility of periodical software modernization and old-fashioned interfaces replacement.

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The main functions of PTC EHR include the following:
•    Control of active power and frequency of HPP units in both automatic and manual modes;
•    Activation of unit protection systems and mechanisms in emergency;
•    Control and monitoring of all types of electro-hydraulic drives.

PTC is based on OMRON programmable logic controllers (PLC) that boast high reliability and durable MTBF (mean time between failures).

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The main function of PTC MNU is maintenance of parameters of control system hydraulic amplifiers operating fluid (oil) in the limits providing warranty of regulation.

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PTC of regulating and protecting electro hydraulic system for steam turbine

Regulating and protecting electro hydraulic system for steam turbine is designed for turbine main regulating parameters keeping in modes of electric and heat load.

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PTC of emergency bulkhead gate

PTC of emergency bulkhead gate is designed for automated control (hydro units shutoff valve automated lift and drop), condition supervision as well as for turbine hydro mechanical protection signal try out.

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PTC of hydro unit automated control

PTC of hydro unit automated control performing functions of technological automation is designed for hydro units control in transition modes on operations of start-up, normal and emergency stops, units transfer from one mode into another possible one according to approved control technology.

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PTC of hydro unit vibration control is designed for hydro unit vibration parameters technological control, providing of operating personnel with information on current values of HPP hydro units selected points vibration parameters.

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PTC of group governor of active and reactive power (GRARM)

PTC GRARM is designed for control of HPP units active power and frequency in accordance with daily load curve.

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PTC of measurements, alarm system and station devices alarm system control

PTC is designed for station systems condition control and technological alarm.

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PTC of outdoor switchgear (gas insulated packaged distribution device)

PTC of outdoor switchgear equipment control is designed for technological information collection and processing from analog information sensors, outdoor switchgear discreet information sensors and devices as well as for switch devices control.

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PTC of station auxiliary equipment control

PTC of station auxiliary equipment control is designed for station auxiliary equipment control, equipment 6.3 (10) kV, 0.4kV control, direct current 220V equipment control, diesel-generator equipment control.

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PTC of units composition effective control

PTC of units composition effective control is designed for determination of a number of units and their load for realization of a mode set by planned and unplanned capacities schedules with minimal energy carrier (water) consumption and keeping motor resource consumption rate.

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PTC of transformer equipment control system

PTC of transformer equipment control system is designed for measurement, registration and display of transformer main parameters in normal, pre-emergency and emergency modes, transformer technical condition prediction with the help of mathematical models as well as transformer cooling system control.

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PTC of heat control, measurements, alarm system and hydro unit alarm system control

PTC of heat control, measurements, alarm system and hydro unit alarm system control is designed for collection and processing of thermal converters technological information, technological parameters measurement and providing HPP operative personnel with information of all technological equipment defects and emergencies as well as defects of HPP automated control system hardware and software.

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PTC of telemechanics

PTC of telemechanics provides dispatch control in the scope of teleinformation exchange with system operators:
•    telemetering (information of such parameters as capacity, currents, voltage and others);
•    telesignalization (information of equipment condition, defects and emergencies);
•    telecontrol (receiving of equipment control commands).

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In 2009 SPC "Rakurs" and the Canadian company VibroSystM have signed the cooperation agreement which has been confirmed officially by the certificate on the official status of agent and distributor of the vibration monitoring and diagnostics equipment of rotating machines in Russia and the CIS countries.

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Software and hardware complex “Apogey”

"Apogey" supports automated control of technological complexes and providing a long, effective and trouble-free equipment operation with maximum efficiency at minimum operational inputs.

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Metso DNA

metsoDNA – dynamic network of applications. The suite uses conception of open technologies in distributed control system (DCS). DNA unites in a uniform net all the automation and information support works, from operational section to office. Applications based on different algorithms work in close interaction in this net what allows implement a flexible policy.

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Siemens PCS7

SIMATIC Process Control System 7 (PCS7) is the powerful control system constructed in conformity with conception of SIEMENS "completely integrated automation". This system is ideally suited for technological processes automation in various industry areas. It is based on use of the standard products SIMATIC S7 which functionality is essentially expanded by the new software. The offered software and hardware complex allows successfully to solve typical tasks of automatic control.

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Siemens SPPA-M3000



Siemens Power Generation offers the customers in the Russian Federation variety of complex solutions from information technologies area under the name "Energy Management Suite SPPA-M3000". One of such decisions which have justified during the process of practical application is the management system for power objects SPPA-M3000 Plant Management, developed specially for application taking into account requirements of the energy-generating companies.

SPC "Rakurs" offers its services in implementation of electric equipment and control systems and also technical solutions from an information technology area. The spectrum of offered services includes designing, installation, commissioning and also training and other consulting services.

On given basis Siemens and "Rakurs" have agreed about cooperation in the territory of the Russian Federation on the subjects connected with management systems for power objects.

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