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Courses and Programs

The main object of training is to increase the level of theoretical and practical knowledge of your experts, and to acquire the practical skills of work with the up-to-date equipment.

The qualified personnel will reduce your operational expenditures and will raise fail-safety and reliability of work of the equipment.

    Практические занятия

    The training programs in the educational centre are divided into three categories:

    base courses are held regularly according to schedule;

    special courses are held when the group is formed; as a rule the group is formed on order of the concrete customer adjusting the content of the course to the aims and kind of business of the customer;

    object-oriented courses are directed on training the technical personnel who is operating the hardware and software complexes provided by SPC "Rakurs" to various objects.


Обучение специалистов из Анголы

Training can made both under the standard programs and on individual programs depending on subjects you are interested in, quantities of hours and qualification of the personnel. It is possible to hold the courses in the territory of your company. Dates of holding courses and special studies routine are set by arrangement.






Base courses

In this training course there are presented the hardware and software of industrial automatics of OMRON company and automation systems based on them. The course was created for technical workers who are engaged in designing, operating and servicing of automation systems on the base of OMRON equipment.


Omron industrial automation controls

Special courses

In this course there are presented variable-frequency asynchronous electric drives (inverters) produced by the joint trade mark OYMC (Omron Yaskawa Motion Control).


Servosystems Sigma II of Omron Yaskawa Motion Control

Object-oriented courses