Servosystems Sigma II of Omron Yaskawa Motion Control
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Servosystems Sigma II of Omron Yaskawa Motion Control

How do we train?

Studies are held in groups from 2 to 4 persons. Duration of the course is 2 days.

ServoDriver Sigma IIIn this course there are presented servomotors of Sigma II series produced by by the joint trade mark OYMC (Omron Yaskawa Motion Control).

Training is hold in full-time form from 10 till 18 o'clock in the week-days with lunch- and coffee-breaks.

The course was made for technical workers who are operating servosystems OYMC, Omron, Yaskawa and who know the basic foundation of electric drive theory and have general idea about up-to-date alternating current drive.

Training consists of course of lectures and practical training.

After the course you receive teachers editions and compact-discs with documentation and software for servodrivers OYMC setting. All the auditors who pass the courses get a certificate of the due form.