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In the nineties of 20th century the application of intellectual microprocessor devices in automation in our country has just started to grow on manufactures.

Санкт-Петербургский государственный электротехнический университет "ЛЭТИ"

Company “Rakurs” is using high technologies in its automation projects from the moment of establishment in 1991. The principal emphasis is on functional and highly reliable production of Japanese company Omron: controllers, means of human interface and another element base. Since 1992 SPC "Rakurs" is the official representative of company OMRON in the Northwest of Russia.

Cooperation of SPC "Rakurs" and corporation "Omron" now is more than just distributor-manufacturer relations. In 1994 SPC "Rakurs" created the training centre on the basis of robotics and industrial systems automation department of the St.-Petersburg state electrotechnical university with application of "Omron" equipment. The centre was created with support of European representation of Omron for Customers’ experts training on developing and operating of automation systems.

With joint efforts of partners the educational centre was equipped by the necessary equipment, the engineering specifications, the software, the operating materials. Workplaces were equipped by the programmed controllers covering the whole spectrum of OMRON PLC (from programmed relay ZEN and microcontrollers CPM to high-end controllers of С200Н series), operator terminals (NT-terminals) and SCADA-systems that allowed to create and study complex control systems of technological processes.

Учебный центр Omron

In 2007 the centre was completely reconstructed and re-equipped. Since September, 2007 studies are conducted in the new laboratory "Automation technologies" in the territory of St.-Petersburg state electrotechnical university. The laboratory is equipped by up-to-date stands constructed on the basis of high-end controllers Omron of СJ1 and СS1 series. All stands are completed by drives Omron, operator terminals (NT- and NS- series) and SCADA-packages. There is a constant, continuous development of the laboratory. Training programs are opportunely corrected in due to extending material resources of the Educational centre.

In autumn of 2009 there was a 15th anniversary of the Training centre.